Healthcare Confusion Medical claims are routinely disputed by insurance companies – make sure you have a professional healthcare advocate to help you decide what’s fair and not.

When Your Health Insurance Company Says "No" - Call Healthcare Confusion

It's hard enough having cancer and getting chemotherapy. Dealing with claims and billing is enough to throw anybody over the edge more

Pay A Fair Amount For Your Health Care, Not A Penny More...

Healthcare Confusion reviews and researches health care medical claims so you pay only what's required by your health insurance plan and not a cent more.

In addition, if you feel your medical coverage claim has been wrongly denied, we'll get answers. Our healthcare benefit experts will ensure that you receive the full coverage promised by your plan and help you understand billing problems and issues. We'll also work on your behalf to resolve claims, denials and payment issues.

Specifically, we will . .

  • Research denials and, if appropriate, manage the appeals process.
  • Identify billing errors; examine coding and procedures, and work towards resolution.
  • Resolve errors relating to deductibles and co-payments.
  • Assist in resolving medical collections issues.
  • Negotiate fees and arrange payment plans.
  • Obtain answers by navigating within your health care provider's system, and getting to the right people.
  • Save you money on health care bills by ensuring you receive all covered benefits.

Are you having medical claims or billing problems? Services denied? Threatened with collection? Contact Healthcare Confusion today for a free initial consultation to help you solve your medical claim problems.