How was I to know that my health plan didn’t cover this?…

With over 25 years each working within the health care system, you can only imagine how many times we at Health Champion have heard this question.  Whether receiving a unique or experimental treatment, seeking care from a state-of-the art facility, or simply seeing a doctor who happens to be outside of your health plan’s network, you can easily find yourself in a frustrating and expensive situation if you don’t know what your health plan covers.

Health insurance is a valuable benefit especially in today’s times. Unfortunately, too many people really don’t know much about their plan and don’t seek to learn about their coverage until they are in the midst of a crisis.

Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to health plan members.  Health plans go to great length to provide information to their members.  Benefit summaries, membership agreements and other coverage documents are typically available in hard copy or on-line.  Members can contact their health plan’s customer service line or refer to the plan web site to learn how to access this information.

Health plan members should review their coverage and make certain they understand how their health plan works.  And most importantly, Health Champion strongly encourages members to review their health plan before seeking care and whenever they have a question about whether a service is covered.

Prior to seeking treatment ask yourself, “Am I 100% certain these services are covered by my health plan?”  If not, reach for your membership documents or call customer service!  Many employer plan years begin in January.  Now is a great time to review your health coverage!