Healthcare Confusion HEALTH CARE SYSTEM GOT YOU ON HOLD?  Looking for Answers?  Frustrated by the System?

As your Health Care Advisor - Healthcare Confusion helps you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, plus helps you find the best specialists and medical centers for your condition.

As your Health Care Advocate - Healthcare Confusion stands up to the health care system and insurance companies - and demands that you are treated fairly.

When my employer released me due to an illness, I had no idea what to do next... then Healthcare Confusion...more

Healthcare Confusion is always 'in your corner' on health care issues.

Healthcare Confusion LLC, located in West Hartford, CT, is an experienced group of health care professionals specializing in helping you and your family navigate the confusing maze of today's health care system.

We transform confusing, frustrating health care problems into workable, affordable solutions for you and your loved ones.

Healthcare Confusion will be your Health Care Advisor or Health Care Advocate, or both! For example:

  • What do you do if you don't have a trusted medical advisor in your family - and need help with your medical condition?

    As your Health Care Advisor, we:

  • What do you do when the Health Care System "puts you on hold" - demands unfair payments, denies benefits, or ignores you?

    As your Health Care Advocate, we:

Healthcare Confusion will find the best health care solutions for you and your family and help you get the absolute most from your health care dollars. We are your reference and guide to the health care system.

In 2007, two experienced health care executives decided the Health Care System was too complicated, too confusing, and too impersonal for many people to navigate. So they did something about it - they founded Healthcare Confusion.

Not sure you or a loved one need a personal health care advisor or advocate? Please visit our "When to Call Healthcare Confusion" page, or view our testimonials and case studies.

Or, simply call or email us to discuss your situation. The first consultation is free.